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Type: Marble | Tiles’ sizes: 30×60, 30 x free length cm, 12 or 20 mm thick | Color: pink background with white veins and brown markings

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A luxurious marble flooring and cladding tiles that could be ordered in different kind of finishes: polished, brushed and honed. as marble an evolutionary developed version of limestone which is denser and harder, it is frequently chosen for big projects such hotels, office centers and shopping malls, as well as smaller projects.

Brushed: Brushing the stone makes it look worn and antiqued, it also gives it a smooth touch. Another benefit that it make it harder and less porous.

Polished: provides a very beautiful glossy shine due to the reflection of the stone’s crystals.

Honed: provides a warm and luxury feeling

Due to the resistance it is applicable in both high and low traffic areas, as well as being perfect for use with under floor heating.

  • Strong material
  • Ordered in different finishes: honed, polished and brushed
  • External and Internal use
  • Freeze and fire resistant
  • Special color mix with shells

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